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Migrating DHCP from Server 2003 to Server 2012 R2

By | June 21, 2016

this is something very common lately and always I follow this post: Netsh DHCP Server \\<DHCP_2003_Server_IP_Address> Export c:\export\2k3dhcp-database all Performing this task will create a file in the c:\export folder named 2k3dhcp-database Copy this file to the computer running Windows Server 2012 R2 that will function as the new DHCP server. You’ll need to install… Read More »


File Server in-place Domain Migration

By | May 19, 2016

File Server in-place Domain Migration When migrating to a new domain a major part is the file server, especially if there are a lot of data and different permissions. Thankfully Microsoft has a very helpful tool called SubInACL. This tool can be used to read and update security permissions and is much helpful for file server… Read More »


AzureRm | Create External Load Balancer with two VMs

By | March 22, 2016

After my previous post, the internal load balancer with two VMs, this is a scenario using the External Load Balancer. The configuration includes a Load Balancer with a Static Public IP at the frond end and two VMs at the back end. The load balancer has two static routes for RDP, one for each VM… Read More »


AzureRm | Create Site to Site VPN

By | December 9, 2015

AzureRm | Create Site to Site VPN This post is part of a general idea, to create an end-to-end high available application infrastructure solution in Azure using internal load balancer with the new AzureRm commands and Azure PowerShell v.1.0 preview. We will create a Gateway, request a Public IP and establish a Site to Site VPN.… Read More »