Athens Azure Bootcamp Presentation

By | April 22, 2017

Thank you all for participating at my session today at Athens Azure Bootcamp, about how to Protect your data with a modern backup, archive and disaster recovery solution. Bad things happen, even to good people. Protect yourself and avoid costly business interruptions by implementing a modern backup, archive and disaster recovery strategy. See how you can securely… Read More »


Azure AD | Secure Web Application Publishing

By | February 7, 2017

Azure AD | Secure Web Application Publishing Application Publishing Azure Active Directory Application Proxy is a very easy and secure way for web application publishing using the extremely secure Azure AD authentication mechanism. There are a tone of features, like SSO and 2 Factor Authentication. But lets see the basic here. You have a web application… Read More »


Exchange 2013/16 Set Virtual Directories Notes

By | December 13, 2016

You can find all this info at many many blogs allover the internet, I just want to have a note here to have them gathered for ease. Outlook Anywhare Get-OutlookAnywhere | Select Server,ExternalHostname,Internalhostname Get-OutlookAnywhere | Set-OutlookAnywhere -ExternalHostname -InternalHostname -ExternalClientsRequireSsl $true -InternalClientsRequireSsl $true -DefaultAuthenticationMethod NTLM MAPI Get-MapiVirtualDirectory | Select Server,ExternalURL,InternalURL | fl Get-MAPIVirtualDirectory |… Read More »