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Multiple Windows Server Backup Schedules using PowerShell

By | October 3, 2014

Windows Server Backup is a very useful and free product and you easily backup files, applications (Exchange, SQL) and Hyper-V VMs. A big disadvantage is that you ca only schedule one Job to run only daily. Here comes our favorite PowerShell, combined once again with the Task Scheduler, to  give us more options. My problem was that… Read More »


Linux free Backup and Clone (imaging) Solution

By | September 25, 2014

This is a guide on how to Backup/Clone a Linux system to a Bootable ISO file using the free Mondo Rescue Disaster Recovery Tool Mondo Rescue is an open source, free disaster recovery and backup utility that allows you to easily create complete system (Linux or Windows) Clone/Backup ISO Images to CD, DVD,Tape, USB devices, Hard Disk, and NFS. And can be used to quickly restore or… Read More »